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How Your Small Business Can Use ChatGPT Wisely

Artificial intelligence-powered chatting has a surprisingly long history, dating as far back as 1966. Chatbots and AI have since been influencing the way we interact with technology, with the effects more recently being seen in the real world as AI becomes more accessible to everyday people. The most recent example is the much talked about ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model AI chatbot designed by the company OpenAI to produce “natural” human language. Users can enter prompts into the interface to “chat” with the AI program which will generate answers and arguments in response. The more detailed the prompt, the more detailed and accurate the response.

ChatGPT bases its answers on human language from throughout the internet and can remember past conversations, as well as correct itself when challenged on an answer it has generated. Instead of thinking through an answer before responding, ChatGPT generates answers word-for-word, based on guesses as to what the next appropriate “token” (or word) would be appropriate.

Should You Join the ChatGPT Bandwagon?

As more of the world integrates AI bots like ChatGPT into their work tools, you might be eager to jump on the wagon. Or you might be fearful of the negative effects AI could have, such as on employment and intellectual integrity.

There are two sides to this artificial coin. On the one side, ChatGPT can produce answers to any question or prompt within mere seconds. This can help you create content for your website, social media, emails, and marketing material, plus serve as a quick research or brainstorming resource.

On the other side, there are several pitfalls to using ChatGPT. These include bias, copyright infringement, inaccuracy, and the possibility that AI might replace your usefulness as a service provider altogether.

Read on to find out how your business can benefit from ChatGPT, as well as practical cautionary aspects of AI-generated content to keep in mind. We also share ways that you can counteract potential problems through detailed prompting and wise management of generated answers.

To Use ChatGPT Wisely, It Is Important to Understand Where This AI Bot Falls Short

What ChatGPT offers in speed, it often lacks in accuracy and sense. Many users have reported that the AI program produced factually and historically incorrect information, as well as failing at basic math.

Using ChatGPT can also create problems of copyright infringement for your business, which could lead to facing legal action, if the generated answer is based too closely on other existing works.

ChatGPT is also biased. Since the AI bot’s “knowledge” is based on human-generated texts, it is inevitable that it will integrate biased and even dangerous opinions into its responses. Since OpenAI has not revealed exactly which human text sources were used to inform ChatGPT’s knowledge base, it is impossible to confirm that responses generated are not biased toward any particular party, whether sex, race, or other.

ChatGPT might replace certain jobs or aspects of certain jobs. Given the speed and ease of using AI programs like ChatGPT, jobs like copywriting will inevitably be lost to, or at least substantially altered by, computers at an unprecedented rate.

It’s not all digital apocalypse, however! These issues are being addressed daily by OpenAi and the application is projected to improve by leaps and bounds in the future. Until then, here’s how to utilize this powerful tool wisely and efficiently, whilst maintaining a high standard of accuracy, avoiding bias, preventing copyright infringement, and preserving your business’s income.

Best Uses for ChatGPT to Supplement Your Skills

#1: Detailed Prompts

When giving ChatGPT a prompt, be as detailed as possible. Describe exactly what you want, and don’t want, so that ChatGPT has the best possible chances of formulating a precise and elaborate answer. We love this guide by Sam Szuchan for writing the best possible prompts.

#2: Use ChatGPT to Speed Up Your Ideation and Planning Phase

Use ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool to generate quick bullet point lists of topics to post on social media in your niche. You can then use these bullet points to plot out your posting schedule. The same concept applies to generating various strategies like a business plan, or a step-by-step product launch roadmap.

#3: Accelerate Your Drafting and Editing Phase When Writing Longer Texts

Use ChatGPT to write a first draft for a blog post, poster, or advertisement narration. This could help you proceed to the second draft and editing stage much faster than if you were to start from scratch yourself.

#4: Dive Deeper

Take the time to reword or rephrase the content that ChatGPT generates to ensure that you don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property. You can also run the generated content through an online plagiarism checker like

#5: Apply Your Own Knowledge

Tap into your own expertise and industry trend awareness to supplement the generated content and make it correct, unique, and useful to readers, followers, and clients. After prompting ChatGPT with detailed instructions, take the time to add your own knowledge and real-life experience in the form of your own first-hand anecdotes, for example.

#6: Remember That Your Readers Are Human

Counter ChatGPT’s bias by applying your human emotional intelligence, to ensure that the content is amicable, objective, and accurate. As mentioned above, sometimes ChatGPT’s responses can be insensitive toward groups of people, or inaccurate in its description of events. Make sure you reword the content to be appropriate for the space where you will be publishing it, and research facts thoroughly before publishing.

In Conclusion

In summary, ChatGPT can be a force for good to supplement your own expertise and shorten the time you spend ideating and generating content. ChatGPT can also be a source of blunder for your business if you errantly take what it presents to you at face value.

Cross can help you navigate the use of artificial intelligence applications in your business, as well as provide you with other customised business solutions.


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