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Don’t stress, with us you’ll skyrocket your business to success.

At Cross Industries, we specialise in expert business consulting, creative marketing solutions, and top-notch administrative services for small and medium businesses, as well as start-ups. We work with passion and integrity to grow our clients’ businesses into prominent leaders in their field. Our solutions are professional and geared toward sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to transform dreams into reality to the glory of God’s Kingdom.

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01. We plan

We plan your strategic marketing approach and everything else you need to grow your business.

02. We develop

We develop the most suitable action plan to attract and retain the right audiences for your products and services.

03. We create

We create your branding and creative advertising messages and materials, to have the best impact on sales.

04. We celebrate

We celebrate your successes with you and train you to manage your marketing strategy and tools on your own.

Business Consulting

Transform and excel with expert insight

We equip you with informed business strategies to get you started, and keep you moving forward with innovative solutions to problems specific to your business.

The services in our Business Consulting repertoire will help you create a momentum-sustaining business plan that will make sure that your business is positioned to succeed, year after year.

Our Business Consulting Services include:
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Business Culture Development

Creative Marketing Solutions

We’ll develop and actualise your brand, no stress

Our Creative Marketing Solutions will give you a greater understanding of your customer base and help you reach them in the most effective ways possible.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need a brand update, we’ll make sure your business stands out with unforgettable branding and impactful marketing campaigns.

Our Creative Marketing Solutions include:
  • Establishing a Brand Identity
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management, Page Set-up, Content development (Design and Copy, Creative Video Content)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development and/or Implementation
  • Campaign Development and/or Implementation
  • Website Development and/or Hosting

Administrative Services

Cross is here to tackle your admin with you

Our administrative services will provide you with an efficient admin system to help you keep track of your finances, products, orders, and more. We’ll also advise you on your business’s finance goals, plus help you manage them practically to remain in, and even under, budget.

Our highly professional administrative services are accompanied with nondisclosures to protect you and your clients, in accordance with the POPI Act.

Our Specialised Services:
  • Translation (Afrikaans, English, Korean)
Our Business and General Administration Services:
  • Following-up with People and Projects
  • Event Coordination
Our Client Relations Management (CRM) Services:
  • Arranging Marketing Events for Your Company
  • E-mail Screening for Customer Queries or FAQ’s
  • Following up on Clients, Suppliers and Orders
Our Social Media Management Services:
    • FAQ Management
    • Queries Management
    • Post Management
    • Platform Maintenance and Management

Cross is right there with you.

We will advise you on your business strategy and goals. And we are here to help you manage them. Our aim is to ensure you achieve scalable growth and unlock your full business potential. We can support you with strategy development, setting up a niche client programme, B-BBEE consulting, setting up your costing model, as well as administration and financial consulting. Our passion for small businesses and start-ups is to provide you with the necessary training and development so that you and your team can become a sustainable business.

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