Corporate Identity and Web Development

Discover the Unparalleled Adventure of Lone Valley Safari - Designed and Developed by Cross Industries

Embark on the ultimate trophy hunting experience with Lone Valley Safari, where untamed wilderness and thrilling encounters await. Crafted by the visionary experts at Cross Industries, our journey begins with a seamless blend of brand identity and digital innovation.
Cross Industries understands the power of a compelling brand. Our dedicated efforts went into sculpting Lone Valley Safari’s unique Corporate Identity – a symbol of authenticity, respect for nature, and unparalleled adventure. Through meticulous design, we’ve etched a brand that resonates across every communication and marketing touchpoint.
Lone Valley Safari’s story unfolds through a custom website meticulously designed by Cross Industries. Spanning across 5-6 thoughtfully crafted pages, our specialised creative team has woven together the essence of the safari, capturing its essence, and presenting it to the world in an immersive digital journey.
Navigate through the pages to explore the vast landscapes, majestic wildlife, and the heart-pounding thrill of the hunt. Our web design encapsulates the spirit of Lone Valley Safari, ensuring an unforgettable virtual expedition for every visitor.
Cross Industries’ expertise transcends conventional design. Our commitment to Lone Valley Safari extends to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a curious explorer, our web design caters to all.
Join us in celebrating the union of artistry and technology, as Cross Industries presents Lone Valley Safari’s masterpiece website. Let your curiosity roam wild and embark on a digital adventure that mirrors the authenticity and excitement of the safari itself.
Experience the synergy of brand identity and digital design.
  • Corporate Identity:
    • Overall brand message and tone
    • Logo adaptation including the creation of small logos and icons for social media uses
    • Designated colour palette
    • Typography
  • Web Development
    • Site map
    • A custom fully functional website
    • responsiveness tomobile screens
    • custom menu
    • 5 pages


Mockup of Lone Valley Safari Corporate Identity as designed by Cross industries, viewed on 4 different devices: computer screen, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

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