Bringing the hiking industry to the digital age: Identifying a need and acting on it

In the current digital era, the ecotourism industry has been struggling to keep up with the latest technology and trends. We saw an opportunity to consider the unique needs of the hiking industry and bring it into the digital age.

The current need in the ecotourism industry is a platform that allows users, such as SAFCOL, booking agents, and trail users, to book tourism facilities and provide information thereof.

Selah Booking is designed to provide a fast and effective, full-circle service to the hiker and trail owner. This reduces cost, saves time, and most importantly, gets more attraction to trails. 

The Selah Booking App and booking platform is developed to cater for booking agents, trail owners, and trail users (we like to call them adventurers).

  • App design
  • Website design
  • CMS design
  • Development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
Other services
  • Project Management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Administration services

Some of the awesome features of this app include:

  • Adventurers can book and manage any hiking trail across the country that is uploaded by booking agents or trail owners.
  • Adventurers can search and view the highest-ranking hiking trails.
  • Adventurers get to view all the information they need before going on a trail, like what to pack and even which permits they require. They also have the functionality to track their hike through the maps-functionality on the app.
  • Booking agents and trail owners can manage their trails on one centralised platform. Calendars, promotions, finances, personalised settings, and reviews are all managed through this centralised platform. 
  • QR scanning capability at each trail helps with check-in, trail info display, and other booking purchases.
  • Adventurers also get to review their hiking trail and share this with their friends and family on the social media platforms they use.
  • All payments are done through a secure payment process.

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